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Julioxon is a small company in Serbia, producing one of the leading sticky fly traps in the region. Our all natural, non toxic, safe and easy to use sticky fly traps are sold all over Serbia, and our goal is to sell our products worldwide.

Founded in 1951 in Subotica, Julioxon is a modern and professional small factory producing blown plastic bottles for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, chemical products such as sticky fly and rat traps. We are one of the leading companies in producing sticky fly traps in Serbia, and through our commercial and distributive groups, we supply the whole domestic market. Our products for eliminating insects based on glue, without insecticides and other harmful ingredients are very effective, proved on our market, what is indicated by our growing sales from year to year.

The production of Sticky traps which persists since the foundation of the company, and which also represents our main product, represents our contribution of keeping our environment safe. The palette of our sticky traps with natural-based ingredients without insecticides and other harmful substances make it possible for all of us to efficiently fight against those annoying insects and rodents.

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24000 Subotica, Palmoticeva 10

Tel,Fax : +381 24 542-561
Mobile : +381 65 55 01 431
e-mail : kgyula@julioxon.com

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